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Gestural figurative abstract expressionist oil painting by Ethan F. Newman
Starting Over
Oil and canvas collage on canvas with bottle cap and paint stirrer

I vividly remember creating this painting after having a particularly rough day. It was as if some hidden part of myself took over, urging me to paint. Through my angst and emotions I 'wrestled' with this painting for hours, and didn't leave the studio until the wee hours of the morning. By then I knew that I had captured something beautiful. 'Starting Over'is a bold, colorful, and expressive work of art, that to this day remains one of my personal favorites in my oeuvre. Upon further investigation of this work, the viewer will discover various collage elements: a broken wooden paint stirrer, a bottle cap, and other detritus from my studio. These ‘happy accidents’ were a result of my painting process, which at times can be extremely athletic and physically demanding. The painting was rotated multiple times as I worked on it, and moved around the studio quite a bit. At a certain point it tipped over unintentionally, face down on the floor where it picked up these debris, adding to its overall expressive visual language.