“It has been a great pleasure to know the artist, Ethan Newman behind the favorite piece in my collection, Ruination. I’m a collector of Abstract Expressionism and Outsider Art from 1950 to present and this piece immediately caught my eye. His technique, using thickly applied oil is classic in nature. His color palette in this piece is sophisticated and warm. There’s a Jasper Johns like quality to the purposefulness of his painting and where he applies paint. His brush strokes are moderated and contemplative in some areas, bold and uninhibited in others. When I received the piece, I immediately contacted Ethan both to thank him and to delve into the inspiration behind the work. This introduction led us to further conversations about art and music, two pursuits he is passionate about. Prior to working from home, people were always taken, upon entering my office, at this piece as it was situated above my desk. Now, it’s the backdrop for every Zoom meeting I’ve had since March 2020. Colleagues have described it as “beguiling”, “subversive” and “soothing”. I just call it something I love.” -Scott G. Chicago, IL